Friday, August 22, 2008

Mail Call

YES!FINALLY! Three long weeks.
I think they heard your threat, Mary!


mary said...

Three cheers!

Should you order another set now in case this happens again? It might take that long!

deb said...

Now, being the responsible, caring and fair person that I am, I promptly went to the bank to let them know that the checks had finally arrived. Officer 'V' reminded me that she had ordered another set (next consecutive numbers to what had been ordered) and that I would not have to pay for them. I should be set for a couple years. LOL

deb said...

Oh yeah, my mom will have to order some in a month or so. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I am going to have her do it well ahead of time!

dickiebo said...

All you needed was a little patience, woman! You're getting just as sharp as 'Worcester Sauce'!!!!! (Wink, wink!)

deb said...

I think waiting three times longer than promised *is* patient!

They should have said it would take a month...then I'd be a happy customer getting my checks a week earlier than I expected.

Something is sooooo wrong with things. Oops, don't want to break that 'no politics promise'.