Monday, August 04, 2008

Almost Pitiful

Last week there was a teeny, green grasshopper hanging on to the antenna of my truck as I drove around town and even all the way to Gloucester and back. Sometimes he was only gripping with one leg, the others flailing in the wind and his little wings splayed and shimmering in the draft. Eventually, while my truck was parked, probably during the night sometime, he gave up and let go.

Unlike a certain person from my past. Seems my ex (you know, the one with the criminal harassment charge pending against him) tried to submit an application to be a volunteer with WHOA, Working to Halt Online Abuse. That's the organization in which I volunteer. For obvious reasons, his application was denied and he was told not to contact anyone within the organization. You'd think that he'd have better things to occupy his time rather than trying to be a nuisance to me. Pathetic. 6 years and still can't leave it alone.

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dickiebo said...

Stay with the grasshopper, Deb.