Thursday, September 04, 2008

Been Awhile...

since I've written much of anything at all. After all, it does get a bit boring writing about work, work, work. So, I'll get that out of the way right now. I have been.

A lot. Tuck's was extraordinarily busy over the holiday weekend and I'm glad to have survived it!
Key work has been steady as have tuning jobs.
All the windows are installed and I'm now working on staining the interiors. I finally finished trimming out the windows in our house. All that's left for finish work is the woodwork in the upstairs hallway.

We've had not-so-big adventures to Skip's and done a bit of winter weather clothes shopping. Biggest disappointment was the $18 pair of Nikes that I couldn't buy. Why, you wonder? Well, actually it wasn't a pair. We couldn't find the left shoe. Nowhere to be found. Who stole ONE jogging shoe? The right one was sooo comfy. Sigh.

This weekend we are to have the remnants of tropical storm or category 1 hurricane Hannah. Maybe I'll have some fun down at the beach! I promise to take my camera, but, you know those waves just don't look as menacing in still pictures.

And finally, each morning we are held prisoner (if only temporarily) in our house. Spike, the spider, insists on building his home/trap across our porch stairs.Amanda forgot about it this morning and I had to yell STOP before she walked right in to it. She did stop a mere couple inches from Spike and his web. The entire town may have heard her shriek! Each morning I take a broom and destroy all Spike's hard work and each night he builds it again.


dickiebo said...

'Twould be nice to see some photos of Tuck's and Skip's!

deb said...

It's just hard to please some folks, isn't it?

Look for up coming photos.......(day or so)

dickiebo said...

"It's hard to please some folks..."
Don't try very bloody hard, do you? lol.

deb said...