Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surf's Up

I took some time off this morning to go to the beach. Beautiful day. 65°F, foggy, rainy, dripping. Just have to love New England! 'A' and I went first to Front Beach hoping to find some sea glass. We weren't very successful. Tide was still too high, and darn, people just don't use enough glass these days! Prior to heading out, I had tried to check the tide charts. I'm amazed that the Sandy Bay Yacht Club does not post the tides on their web site. Everything else but, it seems. Oh well.

After a disappointing walk along Front Beach, we decided to head over to Back Beach. (creative naming, huh?) I had put money in the meter and I wasn't about to waste all that paid for time. At Back Beach we discovered a seagull tethered out on the rocks with a long length of monofilament fishing line twisted around it's ankle. It was alternately struggling to get free, then resting in a crag of the ledge. We had no knife with us (or in the truck) and no way to distract the gull from nipping at us even if we could have got to the line to cut it. We didn't find anyone to free it, no matter where or who we talked to. Hopefully some of the divers in the area will see it and cut it free.

Our third beach adventure for the day was to Cape Hedge Beach, in the south end of town. Oops, sorry folks in that neighborhood, I guess it should read the South End. It was there that we were entertained with high waves and surfers.After watching for a while and taking some photos, we called my mother and asked if she would like us to come home to pick her up and bring her to the beach to watch. She did. The three of us then crammed in to my little truck and made a second visit to Cape Hedge Beach. By that time there were six wet-suited surfers. We stayed and watched until our growling stomachs told us to get home to have lunch.

So at least it was a somewhat interesting day. No pretty sea glass, but entertainment.

PS - thanks em and mm! and i've got the little thingies printed.


mary said...

Beautiful pictures of the Atlantic.

They capture the mood of many of us these days as we live through some turbulent and grey days in our government and economy.

deb said...

I feel as though I'm in a perpetual 'duck and cover' mode. At least it was minimally pleasant that the sun showed it's face today. That's it until Friday, I'm afraid. On a subtle upbeat - the national polls seem to show a slight lead for the least objectionable candidate. I wonder how we'll all be fairing by inauguration time.

dickiebo said...

I truly fear for you, Deb. I believe that your country is about to follow ours, politically. On the good side; at least we can always say that we remember the good days.

deb said...

See next post.