Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Debatable

Yes folks, I watched it. The first presidential debate. I'm a glutton for punishment. I have already decided which lesser of evils that I will be voting for, so why watch? Maybe it's like some people watching auto racing. You know, waiting for the crash and burn? Per the norm, evidenced by online surveys, I was wrong about the outcome. Okay, I still think that I was correct in picking the most confident, competent, eloquent, alert, professional and educated of the candidates. The candidate whose policies made the most sense and importantly, communicated those policies with clarity. However, it seems the computer survey submitters and text messagers radically disagree with me. Sigh.

Idiots, of course.

The most pleasing aspect of the presidential debate is that 'A' actually watched it. In it's entirety. And watched the follow-up commentary. This is totally amazing. And despite my apoliticality (yep, invented that word), I was ecstatic to see her interest.

So what's the next thrilling event that I am looking towards? Why, the vice-presidential debate.

Yes, I think we may have a crash and burn.

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