Monday, September 07, 2009

The Eyes Have It

A new book is in the sidebar. Once again - cats! Homer's Odyssey is more than a cute cat story, it's a cute blind cat story and much more. Check it out and see the incredible amount Homer has to teach about life and faith.

Then there's Wanda the Psychic. She's a local business woman. A few months ago, I noticed that Wanda was being dropped off at her 'office' and she was on crutches. Don't you think a smart psychic would have seen THAT coming and avoided it? Just the other day, the ambulance horn sounded. There were sirens and flashing lights in abundance as the emergency vehicles arrived to carry out one of Wanda's clients. Two reasons I will not be visiting Wanda the Psychic.


Scribbs said...

Oh, darn...Wanda the Psychic told me I'm about to become wealthy! Better get back to rolling pennies, I guess....

deb said...

Hey, wait a minute, you were here and didn't stop in? Tsk, tsk.

Really though, I still pick up every penny I find..and nickels, dimes, quarters, bills. I have a WWI ammo box that I throw all my change in at the end of every day. Last time I rolled a box full it was over $200.