Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Deer

This week has been very busy. The holiday weekend, at least Sunday and Monday for me at Tuck's, was extraordinarily exhausting. Evidently, record sales. Then Tuesday it was right to work with a pinblock to CA. This required some creative piano action removal due to tight quarters, but all went well. Tuesday afternoon was what should have been a routine tuning. However, I was given some incorrect information and ended up with a monster tuning and quick repair. My Wednesday morning tuning rescheduled to Friday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon I was back at that pinblock treatment job to reinstall the action and tune. Out to dinner with my mom at Ellen's Harborside on Wednesday night. Then my back started to ache just over my left hip. I took some over-the-counter pain stuff and slept well Wednesday night. When I got up today, my back felt almost better. I could still tell that it wasn't quite right, yet it was hardly noticeable. I did business paperwork all morning as well as scheduling an out of town school tuning job for Tuesday morning. By noon-ish my back was a bit worse but still okay enough to keep going. We decided to take a ride up to Skip's for an early dinner. On the way we stopped at a shoe store for my mom, and on the way back made a quick stop at a chain department store for 'A' to pick up a couple things. It was dusk by the time we got to 'deer crossing' territory in Essex and were pleased to see this sight. A family of deer with the youngsters jumping and playing together.Now it's off to bed, some reading, and the heating pad. Got to get the back better for tomorrow's tuning, church and book club on Sunday (yay, no more Sunday's at retail!), Tuck's and clerking by myself on Monday, and another tuning Tuesday morning!

It only hurts when I walk...or stand.

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Kippers Dickie said...

A lady went to the doctors and said
"It hurts when I press here (pressing the base of her spine), and when I press here (pressing a bit higher up) and sometimes here and here (pressing places all over her back.)
"What is the matter with me" she asked.
The doc. examined her all over and finally said:-
"You've got a broken finger!!!"