Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fair Saturday

...started off bright and early. I was up and out to the school complex just after 7:30 in the morning. Once at the school, I uncovered everything that we had set up on Friday evening and neaten, then put out the little Christmas tree for displaying the some of the easel miniatures as ornaments. I had time before opening to take a picture of my table.Not exactly a prime location in the gymnasium. I was located in the center aisle. At least it was a corner table so I got more traffic than the middle ones.

Around 9:30 a few people started milling in to shop. I kept reminding myself that last year had started off slowly - don't worry. The first hour past and I had had no sales. I was getting a bit nervous. Then a lady came by and was so excited to see the ivory necklaces. She told me that someone had given her one as a gift last year and she loves it. She bought two to give as gifts. Then I sold a couple packages of notecards. A twenty-something guy came and bought an easel miniature, then more necklaces sold. I lost track of how much jewelry sold. Mostly necklaces and a few pairs of earrings, no pins. I sold HALF A DOZEN miniatures!!!!!!!

Now add to that those four custom ordered necklaces - which, on Friday, became a sale of six rather than four AND today we had company and they asked to see the jewelry and I sold two more necklaces - it's been a good three days!

Oh yeah, dickiebo, I saw you peeking around the corner. (It was you in the elf costume wasn't it? You can tell me. I can keep the secret.)


dickiebo said...

Well, I was qualified in 'Elf 'n Safety, so perhaps it was. And maybe it warn't!
Expect a letter from my solicitor! lol.
Glad you sold a few. Now, we'll be OK for Christmas. Yea?

Kippers Dickie said...

Well done. I been looking everywhere this morning for a bit of good news!
What was that picture of two clamps doing at the back of you stall?

deb said...

Dickiebo..Yep, finishing off the shopping this week - cash!

Bernard, I have a freestanding display board that has six photos showing the basics of how the ivory is removed from a key and made in to the jewelry. The clamps being part of the laminating photos.

Annette said...

well done you.

deb said...

Thanks Annette!