Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Than I Should Have When I Should Have Done Something Else

I was all set to head to church this morning when my mother asked if I would help her get the Christmas window boxes in place on the shed and at my porch. She had spent a few hours for the last couple days getting the greens and berries all arranged. Well, darn. I might as well stay home and get work finished up because I just knew the next question. "It's a beautiful day. Are you going to rake more leaves?"


So after the window box carting, I finished up two sets of key tops. (Tomorrow at least one more set is due to arrive, maybe two. And I've got a tuning in the morning.) Then I set out to rake more oak leaves. That was at about 11 a.m. I came in for a fifteen minute lunch break at 1 p.m., then it was back to raking and bagging.

42 large lawn and leaf bags! And there are still more leaves - I ran out of bags. That makes the seasonal total, to date, 83 bags. That's a heck of a lot of oak leaves.

Now every joint hurts. One Aleve and a good night's sleep and it starts all over again tomorrow.


Kippers Dickie said...

Do you take them to composting site or something? That is one hell of a lot of bags. At least you have your truck. Here we can tip the stuff out of the bags and into a skip at the centre, which means we can use the bags again & again, until they rip.
Are you allowed bonfires?...I love the smell of burning oak leaves and the ash is very good (as potash) for the garden.

deb said...

Hi Bernard. We have a Transfer Station/Reclamation Center(Garbage/recycle). The leaves will get emptied on to a large pile of yard waste, which is composted. We can buy a burning permit only in March/April when it is still too snowy and wet to get a 4-5 month old pile of leaves to burn!

Kippers Dickie said...

Did I read that right?
BUY a burning permit!!!!!!!
Not a tax on bonfires surely?
Don't give our government any ideas, they tax everything here except air to breath .....and I bet they would try that if they could find a way!

deb said...

Hmmmm. How very strange, Bernard. First, before commenting on your comment...

I had a terrible time getting your comment to publish. Then it said it published twice...yet nothing was appearing here. Now (as I write this)it says there are two comments rather than the three that are finally published! Very strange, blogger must have hiccuped.

So, to answer your question. Sort of. You can have a small outdoor fire like a small fireplace or fire pit whenever. If you want to burn yard waste a permit must be purchased. Small fee. Most don't bother and take their yard debris to the 'dump'.