Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of the Downsides

of being self-employed is having to do follow-up calls for overdue payments.

Today, I made one of those calls. I tuned at this private church school nearly two months ago. September 15th. I submitted my bill, as instructed, to the secretary. I waited almost six weeks, then sent a second billing. Nada. So, today I asked the secretary about the missing payment. She replied, "Oh, our bookkeeper was out with THE flu. I'll check on it for you."

Wow, THE flu MUST be horrendous! Eight weeks worth of misery! Humph, I'm not convinced.

This prompted me to check my dry erase board in the workshop where I keep track of my workload for each month. Shop work and tunings and such. I added up the payments still pending on completed work and was duly depressed to find the total of $540.

Certainly there should be some checks arriving in the mail - soon!


Kippers Dickie said...

Chase them up Deb!
You could re-string half a piano with that sort of money.

deb said...

Haha. And in all the figuring I forgot to go pick up my paycheck for retail work. Oh well...this morning.

dickiebo said...

You need to insert a clause in your bills to add on a percentage after 30 days have expired.

Kippers Dickie said...

Off topic.....but
I hoped you enjoyed your pancakes oozing butter. Of course if they were English pancakes you should have used English butter?
My mother's (very English) pancakes were fried on one side and whilst the batter was still runny, she would sprinkle currants over it. A few seconds later she would toss it over. No fancy scoops, just toss in in the air and catch it in the pan.
After cooking on the other side, it was removed and rolled up, as you say into a 'cake' or 'roll'.
Then came the lemon juice & sugar.
We cut the roll into slices to eat.
Off topic but I just thought you may like to know. I have never heard of anyone else using currants. I would have commented under yours, but wasn't sure if you would go back to read.
PS I should never mind if you just read & discard these rambles of mine.

Scribbs said...

I've been thinking of hiring an out-of-work enforcer from the Mob to visit my clients. Nothing less seems likely to work.

Doesn't stop them from asking for more articles, though.

I hope your customers get caught up soon. Situations like that are rough on both wallet and stomach linings....

deb said...

Just had one of the clients email about another key job when he hasn't paid for the first. More than annoying. Sometimes I'd love to be in a position to not need them (the clients) and be able to give them a piece of my mind.

I need a patron, lol.