Saturday, December 05, 2009

Free For All

Last week, on a weird fluke, 'A' decided she wanted to pick up the daily newspaper. Upon turning to the Rockport page a headline caught my attention. Over a week later, I don't remember the exact wording of that headline, but it indicated an interesting article to be read below it. The article was about the planned upgrade and 'restoration' of the Rockport Community House AND it clearly stated that the building would be open on the following Saturday for residents to TAKE anything available that they could use. WOW!! A free sale!

The Saturday rolled around and I really didn't feel like rolling out of bed early. The words FREE STUFF kept rolling around my brain, so I did roll out. I thought it would be best to beat the scheduled opening time of 9 a.m. by about a half hour. Folks in this town are known to line up well ahead of time for bargains. I was first to arrive so I waited in my truck and watched the door. When one other 'shopper' arrived, I headed for the door. There were two rooms set up with an assortment of items. Tables, folding chairs, glassware, desks, file cabinets, an electric keyboard, stove, refrigerator, and assorted miscellany. Some neat stuff that I really didn't need.

What I ended up with was a large, and very heavy, folding screen covered with old and cracking Naugahyde, a very nice, newish, tall folding chair, an iron candlestick, a roll of white plastic tablecovering, and a Mission-style oak plant stand that needs refinishing.The picture is rather blurry, but it beats the other one I have which is way too dark! (No, I'm not taking another.)

Then I went on with my morning.

After dropping 'A' off at work at 11 a.m. I thought, oh well, might as well stop by and see what's left. The two ladies in charge of the give-away were getting ready to leave as I entered the main room. They hung around while I loaded up two metal shelving units and a collapsible, rolling clothes rack.

So...I haven't a clue what I will do with the folding screen. Right now it's a bit of a divider in the workshop. The tall chair is down there as well. It will be good for the craft shows next year. The candlestick is awaiting a good spot. It may wait for years! The roll of plastic table covering is sure to be handy, even as a dropcloth. The plant stand has been taken apart (it needed a reglue anyway) and will be refinished this winter. The shelves are in use in the workshop as is the rolling clothing rack which has been equipped with window screening which all the ivory jewelry is hanging on, covered in clear plastic, for the winter. For craft shows it will be the new stand for the ivory process photographs that I have as a backdrop.

Free stuff is great.


Kippers Dickie said...

Well I'm glad you found a use for most of it, and not like me who just piles things up in a corner a says "that may come in useful one day"!
The trouble I have is that after ten years I still have most of this stuff lying around....and still can't find a use for it! I break a lot of old wooden items up for the wood itself, some is very well seasoned. Most of the organ was built out of old oak wardrobes and mahogany dressing tables.

Annette said...

What a bargain!!!

deb said...

Very strange, Bernard, I seem to take wood from musical instruments to make furniture! Some lovely, ornate, old pianos that would no longer make music without excessive expense (read not worth it) have become a coat rack, an entertainment center, a blanket chest, a little trunk, a table, and an ornate wall hanging!

Annette, I'm always up for a good deal.