Friday, March 12, 2010

An Ego Boost

Yesterday, I went down to the Rockport Art Association with an oil painting and a photograph to enter in the Contributing Members Show. I had contemplated for quite some time about which painting to show. I knew that I would be exhibiting the photograph, "Thacher's Little White Cloud", seen below.After some deliberation, I made some changes to my Salt Marsh painting adding more depth to the shadow areas and enlarging the cloud mass at the upper left corner so as not to visually shrink in to the corner of a frame. I was very happy with the result and retitled the painting, "Sentinels of the Great Salt Marsh". The old version is shown here. I didn't get around to photographing the new version.Today I received my e-newsletter from the art association that listed upcoming classes and exhibits. My oil painting was chosen as the visual for the Contributing Members Exhibit listing!
I'm super pleased!


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Well done.
Now ...tell me please.
Why is the white cloud called Thacker's?
I loved them must put up the modified picture for us to see.

deb said...

Ahhh, Thacher is the name of the island in the photo. Or should I say the island that the tip of is shown in the photo.

The opening reception for the exhibit is this afternoon. I'll take my camera.

mary said...

That is so exciting! And to think you are a headliner.

Way to go, Deb!

Sorry we missed the reception but we were out of town. Hope to get down to see it this week.

deb said...

Huh, I haven't checked the website recently...will do.

The cloud photo hangs in a nice spot in the Hibbard Gallery (first barn). The marsh painting is in the worst spot in the Maddox Gallery (second barn)...around the corner next to a door.

Next year I think I need to do BIGGER to command a decent space!

deb said...

BTW, the photo on the website has a LOT of glare.