Sunday, March 07, 2010

Time? Time?

I've been silent for awhile...again, huh? It just seems like so much is happening, although nothing earth-shattering. First off is that work has continued on in a moderate mode. This I like, generally speaking, as it should mean that all jobs get finished up with no scheduling panics.


Since I had an abundance of work through the holidays, I had saved aside almost enough funds to pay for a huge amount of dental work. Not so much fun. Mix in to that getting all the tax forms filled out for all three of us. Then there's been the increase in tuning and in-home repairs. And this Thursday is the time for submitting artwork to the art association's contributing members show and I had some final touches to make to a painting and a frame to buy.

Now add to the mix that my mom decided to start a kitchen remodel.

Yep, I'm cramming!

Refinishing kitchen cabinets, demolishing the old laminate countertops, reinforcing some counter framing for the new granite she has picked out. Then I've got some ugly sliced brick to remove from the walls over the counter with the inevitable plaster to skim-coat repair. Thursday the granite guys are coming to take measurements and make a template. My mom had to have a new sink and faucet purchased before the granite guys arrive so that they can take them to mount to the counter pre-installation. Total, so far, three trips to the granite company, one prior trip to another company, two trips to the big box DIY stores, with the last trip successful in purchasing a sink at one store and faucet at another after three hours of debate! After the guys make the measurements, it will be approximately two weeks until installation and we've (I've) got to have everything ready.

So, what's the next week look like? Monday: ship some keys, pay some bills, dentist, another box of keys should arrive, more cabinet sanding. Tuesday: key work, movie with 'A' (Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp!), work on removing ugly brick. Wednesday: coffee with a friend, key work. Thursday: granite guys, art association with painting and photograph, work on kitchen, ship box of keys. Friday: clean house, grocery shop, plaster in kitchen. Saturday: who knows?


mary said...

wow! What a schedule. Are you sure the coffee on Wednesday shold not include something very "strong" in it? :-)

deb said...

Straight up!

On the celebratory side of things...I survived a dreaded dental visit, the keys are a big job so I will have until next Monday before I have to ship them, I've finished sanding the kitchen cabinets, I'm ahead of schedule!


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Is that 'real, solid, heavy' granite worktops?
They must weigh a ton?

deb said...

Yes, indeed. One and a quarter inches thick, 51 sq.ft. of it and another 9 square feet of backsplash. We went to approve the slab. It was sitting on edge in a muddied lot with another 100 or so slabs of various colors and patterns. BTW, thanks Uncle B, I was trying not to think of all that weight!

Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

I hope your workshop downstairs is not under that kitchen floor?
It will become a 'Hard-hat' zone! :)

deb said...

Ummm, well, sort of...

Actually, it doesn't work out too badly as it is over the area of one of the very large support beams for the house.

However, one side of the kitchen does share a wall (opposite side of) with my player piano. Weight load will be a bit hefty there!