Friday, March 26, 2010

On and On and On

Work, play, work. I've been busy.

Mom's kitchen project (better known as a project for Deb) is progressing nicely. The top cabinet fronts and doors have been refinished. The bottom cabinet fronts are done and I'm working on the doors and drawers. The granite guys came a day early and the counter tops and new, undermount sink look great. Once the rest of the doors are finished I'll just have some veneering to do on the visible ends of the cabinets. The current end panels are too nicked and poorly touched-up to try to refinish. Veneer is the best route. Then there is a little shelf section to build. The old one was ugly. This summer I'll take some time to tile the walls between counter and upper cabinets.

I've still been getting a moderate amount of piano work. Hooray! Tunings aren't as numerous but key work is steady.

In between real work and Mom's work, I've had chance to go out to dinner with friends - just once. A very interesting couple. He's a retired graphics designer/business owner and cartoonist. She's a consultant for mental health and suicide prevention programs within educational systems.

And I've been doing some more painting. Even bigger this time. 18 X 24 is pretty much my larger limit. I think it'll be titled either, "Maggie's Blue Door" or "Nestled Near the Forest". I'm leaning toward the latter. Any thoughts? Anything better? Some of the colors aren't exactly correct as shown here. Among other things the sky has more blue in the painting. It's a bit washed out in this photo. The gardens are more vivid looking drenched in sunlight. You get the idea though. When I get the time, I'll add it to the sidebar slide show.


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

It's very good Deb.
My first thought was of 'Middle Earth'.
Nestled up against the 'Old Forest' in Buckland.
Or how about just "Woody End". :)

deb said...


How about a combination - "Nestled Against the Old Forest"?

(I do think of Middle Earth)

Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Sounds just right to me.
A long time ago, before Lord of the Rings was popular - nearly forty years ago I did a series of paintings of Middle Earth. In those days the books had no illustrations and of course there were no films. In fact not many people had heard of Tolkien.
I worked from my imagination but using the books for facts. I also drew a whole book of maps in order to get positions right. I still have the maps I think, but the pictures have long. Of course now there are no end of excellent illustrated books. The film was very clever and well done, but it varied from the book, far too much for my liking.
Sorry if I 'go on a bit'.

dickiebo said...

'Our Haven'! 'Cos it is a nice haven - just like 'heaven'!!!

deb said...

Dickiebo, a very good option. I've started a list and shall decide once the framing is completed.

KD, I had never heard of J.R.R. Tolkien when I picked up the trilogy and read it when I was 12 years old. I was enthralled and probably read it over a dozen times during my early teen years. Then I went back and read "The Hobbit". Then found "The Tolkien Reader". Later on I read "The Silmarillion".

The editions that I read all were illustrated with wonderful ink drawings and maps (I love maps). The paperback Ballantine Press edition of "The Lord of the Rings" had cover illustrations (paintings) done by Barbara Remington. When I was about 13, I wrote for permission to paint my own version based on her painting. I wish I still had that painting. I also own the leatherbound editions of TLOTR and The Hobbit.

mary said...

Painting is so very soothing and inviting. I know my title is probably sappy and very unsophisticated, but that path and home warmly beckon me to come by for a cup of tea and a scone. Or it could be a freshly baked apple pie with a slice of sharp cheese waiting for me to have over a good conversation. I know, always thinking of food and talking!

At any rate some clever version of "come on by for a spot of tea" resonates with me. :-) It is such a lovely scene. Thanks for sharing your talent.

deb said...

Lovely thoughts, Mary. An afternoon tea.

Interesting that the leaning is towards a UK environ.