Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Every So Often

Our most recent 'fun' adventure happened last Sunday on our way home from the turkey farm.  We had made a slight (read very long) detour so that 'A' could stop at a Border's book store.  After that stop we became nutritionally ignorant...on purpose...and stopped at a favorite ice cream stand for dinner.  Everyone just has to eat ice cream for a meal once in a while, don't they?  We stopped at Cherry Farm Creamery for our treat.  By the time we finished there the sun was just beginning to do it's disappearing act in the western sky.  As we headed east the moon was visible.  A giant orb behind the leafless trees.  HUGE!  And full.  And a 'blue moon'. 

There are two definitions of a blue moon.  The first is when a full moon occurs twice in one month...the second full moon of the month is referred to as a blue moon.  The second definition is when there is a fourth full moon within a single season.  I think we fell under the second definition this time.

"Once in a blue moon."  Now you know.

While the moon was still low in the sky I wanted to take a picture.  But from where?  We were on a secondary road that parallels the highway.  There was no place available to pull over, no pretty scenery to add to the shot.  What to do?  Soon the moon would be too high in the night sky, it would be too dark.

I pulled in to a corporate office park area thinking I might be able to find at least one tree to frame my moon shot.  The first turn was into the parking lot of some high tech firm.  It was a gated drive, but no worries, the gate was raised and the guard shack unmanned.  To the consternation of the other two captive within the car, I pulled right in and drove to the eastern end of the parking lot.  There was a section of the lot with a few dozen cars parked.  Second shift, maybe?  From my spot on the far edge of the parking area I took the photo posted here.  Actually, I took three.  This is the best.

I turned the car around and headed back to the main drive.  Turned to head out the exit and found that the gate on that side was down.  Oops.  The others got nervous.  "What are you going to do?"

I pulled up near the gate, hoping that there was a sensor that would get that arm lifting to let me out.  No such luck.

The others got more vocal.  "I told you we shouldn't have come in here!"  "I bet they have cameras watching us!"  "The police will be here, I bet."

"Cool!  Then they can confiscate my camera, check out the digital images to find ducks, rainbows, a horse or two, and a couple roosters!"  "Oh, and I mustn't forget...the blue moon."  I backed out of the exit drive and drove the wrong way out the entrance.  Very quickly.  That gate was still open.

Just a little bit of fun even though no police showed up.  What's the worst thing that could have happened?


secret agent scribbs said...

Good job they didn't confiscate your pics! Some Evil Foreign Power might look at the steeple and figure out that it's a beautifully disguised Spy Rocket aimed at them!

You take wonderful pictures...and far more often than once in a blue moon, too!

deb said...

Ssshhhhhh! You're not supposed to let them know about the rocket.

As long as they don't get to my computer...they won't find out about that little adventure disguised as a Bible school project.

Hehehehehehehehehe *grins sly*

Bernard said...

Is it really THAT bad in your neck of the woods?
We get a few silly false alarms her, but to "call the cops" and lose your piccies! Wow.
They must be a wee bit sensitive and way OTT?

deb said...

Mostly just over sensitive, a bit bored and looking to do something BIG.

deb said...

Oh, and I should mention that we were sort of egging each other along in those thoughts...just for fun and giggles.