Tuesday, November 02, 2010

On Walks

We've been walking a lot.  Not only in Rockport, but also in Mattapoisett near my cousin's house.  We took some time off...or should I say I took some time off - mom being retired and 'A' on vacation.  On Friday morning we went to the Bourne National Cemetery to visit my dad's grave.  A surprise awaited.  Wind turbines at the cemetery!  Well, no one to complain about noise or view or anything!

As we normally do when travelling to the cemetery, we stayed with my cousin in Mattapoisett for the night.  'A' and I went walking there and saw a beautiful double rainbow over Mattapoisett harbor.  It made the complete arc beginning behind a hill to the northwest and ending in the water to the southeast.

As we walked down the 'Neck' there were more surprises.  This time a painted horse.

And a pretty sunset behind the scrub pines.


scribbs, in an un-scenic place said...

Now I know where the purty scenery went! You have it all there!

The "painted horse" pic is not just a photo...it's art!

deb said...

Amazing what a new camera can find!

I did have a new problem with the new camera...with Blogger. Seems that by not downloading the software that came with the camera...by using the photo software that I already had, I created a little glitch. When loading photos to Blogger, they rotated. 90 degrees clockwise. Some of them. Of course not all. Took way too much fussing. Oh well, it's either download new software or fuss.