Sunday, April 24, 2011

The B-Day

The sun shone...that I find amazing in and of itself!  Yeah, weather forecasters had warned of showers for today.  But it didn't...not much...a brief sprinkle or two is all.  It was a beautiful day for some photo taking and this post shows a few from our afternoon adventure.
Bionic toad

But let's start the day off near it's beginning. First thing the b-day girl wanted to do?  Hit the grocery store for some needed items!  After that we went for a walk to feed the ducks...except there was only one.  And he wasn't interested in the bread we had to offer.  Oh well, home to relax in the sunshine for a bit.  "A' did too much of that and got some sunburn on face and arms.  She's not too comfortable with it tonight.
The Guinea Fowl

After the entire family checked out 'A's birthday e-card (thanks dickie and b!), we got our Easter dining under way at Mom's end of the house.  Tradition makes our meal simple.  Ham sandwiches and fixings...chips, macaroni salad (this year)...easy stuff.
A bridge-load of dragonflies

After lunch the group decided to drive first to Essex to browse a junk shop and then to Ipswich to Corliss Bros. nursery so Mom could buy some plants with her birthday gift certificates.
The horse frames the rhinoceros (click on it to enlarge)

Neither were open.  Easter after all.
Just add water!

We were so close to a favorite spot that we decided it would be a good day to show it off to 'R'.  We headed to NE Biolabs.  Mom and 'A' sat in the car and watched as 'R' and I wandered around taking photos.  'R' has been much better than I have about photo taking and blogging and I am taking the time tonight to get my Biolab photos posted first.  I've a few different versions than before and they have been interspersed in this post.  'A' thinks the octopus is kind of cool and Mom likes the plant-like sculpture.
Mom's plant

Personally, I think the entire place is just marvelous!

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mary said...

Fascinating - we've got to go there soon. Thanks for sharing the photos - I love the plant like sculpture also. It sort of reminds me of the chandelier in your previous post.