Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not Forgotten

you guess

Yes, this spot hasn't had much happening in it lately.  Life has been a bit hectic.  Lots of work, lots of changes, lots of well...stuff.  It's also 'birthday week' for Mom and 'A' so I've been busy trying to coordinate those two events into one celebration because yes, it's been hectic.

I will be back to post something more interesting.  Hopefully within a few days.  Definitely before I drown in it all.


mary said...

okay, I'm stymied. I am pretty sure that you are looking up at the ceiling and we are viewing the bottom of a big candelabra.

If I am in the "ballpark" with what it is, then I think it must be in one of the mansions at the estates you visit - like Moraine?

I am probably wrong. It's the moulding, or whatever that is called . . .
omigosh, I just went to Safari to see what the the proper term is for the thingie that a fixture is hitched to and came across something that looks just like it. In case I have discovered it, I won't spoil it for others. Are these the correct initials - R.A.A. as in Bob, church, and sea creature?

mary said...

oops, I think I meant the Maudslay State Park in my previous email but in actuality I don't have a clue about what I am writing!

So I am clueless about myself and the photo!! :-)

Annette said...

I thought we were looking up at it, and thought it was a light of some sort.

deb said...

Okay. Yep, the middle chandelier at a Lanesville church.

Still don't get what you are talking about Mary.

Mary said...

I was being terribly obscure so as not to give away the name of the chandelier I found in case someone was to look it up before trying to guess. The chandelier I saw is called Robert Abby Anemone thus I chose to call it Bob Church Sea Creature.

I know, I need help but it sort of made sense to my warped mind.