Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under the Keystone Bridge

Flat Ledge Quarry

Tuesday 'R' and I took a late afternoon walk to explore Flat Ledge Quarry.  The quarry is part of the water supply and is posted No Trespassing.  And there is a rather large gate...with a well-trodden path around the side of it.  Didn't seem to matter to the other folks wandering around in there!
Looking back under the keystone bridge

Flat Ledge has always been a spot that I wanted to explore and 'R' and I did quite a tour on the beaten paths...and off, which was not a particularly smart thing to do as I managed to pick up a hitchhiking tick.  Yuck.
Some pretty quarry color

Anyway, we took lots of photos and decided that a revisit in morning sunshine might be good.  Well, that is until I found that tick...I'm not sure I'll be venturing back in there very soon!  Still, I'm really glad we did the walk.  The bridge and the old quarry are impressive.  The smaller 'motions' (little quarried areas done as kind of moonlight jobs by some quarrymen) were fascinating with cool green pools and trickling water down glistening rock cliffs.
A 'motion' pool with water cascading down the cliff

Another local adventure!


Ptolemy said...

My walks with the dogs of late have been straight downtown with "off leash" times happening on Pier Ave and even on the Neck when all is quiet and foggy and unpopulated... But then I remembered a fun fact. There are these special black and white critters on the Neck and we've probably been lucky not to meet any. [sigh] Ticks suck (ha) and it's hard to stay clear of them.

We were discussing the concept of arches with the boys recently and I drove up that gate to show them... Someday we'll have to go further... All the gates like that seem to say "No Trespassing" in a sort of meaningless way... Including the one that suggests we shouldn't drive across the train tracks on our street!

But our next bit of planned exploration is to follow your tracks to the Biolab grounds!

deb said...

Yep, smelled a lot of them black and white critters when we walked in town on Thursday night during the power outage (we noticed you stayed lit during the time the rest of us were in the dark).

Annette said...