Friday, May 20, 2011

In the Aura of Black Gold

The un-pink flamingo

We hauled four loads of heavy, smelly dirt from the transfer station to our new veggie garden.  The dirt is called black gold deservedly.  It's darn rich stuff, obviously, well, naturally fertilized.  I was challenged to take a photo of that dark stuff before planting in the morning.  A couple problems arose.  First being that it's dark out...dark soil, dark night...must use the flash...except it's foggy out, too, and that doesn't mix right with flash photography.  So I decided to use the 'good' camera.  The one that manages to shoot decent night scenes with no flash.  Problem number three...this tired laptop won't read the images from the new decent camera.

On to the bitty, tired, old camera and some not so hot shots.  Except for the one on this post.  I wonder what is emanating from that black gold that resulted in that shot!


"R," suddenly frightened, said...

Is that what our back yard looks like at night now that we've built a garden? Eeeek! I knew that dirt was weird when we first saw it -- the seagulls weren't wandering around on it....

elizabeth down the street said...

This is so perfect, I'm making sure you don't miss it: