Saturday, May 21, 2011

I've Avoided This for Years

Today was the 17th annual Cruise Night at Skip's.
Skip's sign at night

This is Skip's 64th year in business, same owners, nearly same location (they started directly across the street).
End of line to the left and order window is nearly the same distance away once inside!

Anyway, we have always avoided Cruise Nights assuming that the parking would be impossible and the lines tremendously long.  Well, parking wasn't bad getting there a bit early as we did and the line was manageable with a slightly early dinner. By the time we were leaving at 6 p.m. or so the line was longer than I would have stood in for a cheeseburger special.
Just some of the cars

There were about 200 cars on display with more expected to be arriving.  I enjoyed walking the lot and taking lots of photos.  I even picked out a couple cars that I wouldn't mind owning...ahemmmmm...with a frivolous pocketbook.
My 1956 Thunderbird!

All in all a fun afternoon and we are talking about cruising on up to Skip's for some future cruise nights.  (Not to mention the trips just to eat - about every other week).  Only an hour drive each way for a burger and fries!

Expect some more photos in another post.

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