Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nearly Nonstop

That time of year never came this year.  Surely a good thing.  That is that there has been no springtime work slow down.  Thankfully 'R' is a big help around the shop.  I can't say as I would be able to keep up with things as well if he weren't here.  I'm not having to put in any of those 12 - 14 hour work days!  So not only has the shop work continued to build in quantity, so has the tuning work.  I'm it 'on-island'.  Seems that tech #1 has disappeared, tech #2 has retired and tech # 3 has a bit to be desired...that leaves me (and some that travel from the Boston surrounds).  I'm liking having the work.  I just need to better arrange my schedule.

Schedule...a tough one.  Juggling 'A' back and forth to work and my tuning schedule and Mom's stuff and errands and time for play.

'R' and I did go to the Fisk Open House on Saturday.  It was my third visit and his first.  I always enjoy taking in all the workshop sights.  A couple typical decorative displays are pictured below.

Then there are the organ parts and the tools and fixtures.

Lots to see.

Tomorrow brings 'that time of year' around for my computer regardless of the not that time of year work-wise.  Tomorrow my computer will head to it's omniscient doctor for it's annual check up.  I'll be struggling with my slowwwwwwwww laptop for a few days.  I'll still be around...checking in and checking up on all of you.

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Ptolemy said...

Thanks for the photos! We meant to go, but you saw what we were up to instead! ;-)