Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pretty Pictures...

from the past day or so.
The sunset from Niles Beach

Massachusetts had some really bad weather yesterday.  Three tornadoes that caused severe damage and several deaths in the middle south of the state. Fortunately not near us.  The storms did provide a brilliant sunset that changed from vivid yellow to orange and then to a multitude of reds and pinks before fading to dull purple then night.

Late night we were surprised with heat lightning.  Veins of lightning intermingling from cloud to cloud. pictures of that.

Today the weather was sunny with gusty winds.  We headed up to one of my favorite spots...the Moseley wander and take photographs.

Another nice spot at the estate.

I found out that the visitor center has several rooms displaying photos depicting 'the' days at the estate including many shots of the original home.
The Main House - demolished in the mid 1900s (estate photo)

Today I took this photo of the 'Main Gate' to the house above.

Also at the center are some photographs of Moulton's Castle which once occupied the eastern end of the estate...Castle Hill.
Moulton's Castle  (estate photo)
The 'Castle' was constructed from wood and painted to look like stone!  It was demolished when the Moseley family acquired the eastern property.  It once sat high overlooking the Merrimack River.
Castle Hill (estate photo)
So we had an evening and then nearly an entire day of out and about with our cameras.  Tomorrow it's back to work.

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