Friday, June 24, 2011

Traffic Duty

Thought I'd add this little bit as a follow-up to my last post.

On our drive home from M & M Liberty's photo session at Pebble Beach we met up with a traffic cop trainee.  No utility work or road work, just a random checkpoint along our route.

No choice.  Officer Tom was in the road bringing traffic in our lane to a halt.  He had been watching for a little black pick-up truck and he found us.  I slowed down and finally came to a complete stop as it became evident that Officer Tom meant business.  He approached fearlessly and glared over the hood of the truck.

Not completely satisfied that he had thoroughly checked us out, he strutted over to my window and spoke harshly.  I didn't understand anything he said and he became agitated and made a swift trip around the front of my truck and over to the passenger window.

Before Officer Tom had a chance to further complain, I asked 'R' to be sure he was clear of my truck.
And then we made a successful escape!


Officer Tom on the move

Checking us out
Heading for the passenger side


Mary said...

Thanks for starting out my day with me laughing out loud! It was a "gotcha" as I had forgotten that you had briefly mentioned that turkey before.

As I read, I actually was surprised that you would drive away from a rookie cop even if he was just in training! Oh my, I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Maybe it's because I haven't had breakfast yet and need some coffee to alert my brain cells! I just love it that I got so caught up in reading the story that . .

When you have a moment (like, right!), you must put together many of your blogs and publish them! Those stories from Lanesville and your other escapades should be out there so non blog readers could also enjoy them!

Annette said...

LOL!!! Brill.