Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sweet Liberty (thanks for the title 'R')

Some of you may remember that I collect Statue of Liberty memorabilia.  I currently own over 70 souvenir statues of The Statue.  Also you might have noticed that my profile picture has changed from the Statue of Liberty frog, stolen from some long ago magazine advertisement, to my own snowman Statue.  This week I have received two new statues for my collection.  It's amazing that I have only received two duplicates in 25 years of collecting The Statue statues.  The new ones are indeed new to the repeats this week!

This first came near the beginning of the week.  I arrived home to two surprises.  'R' had received 5 boxes of books and things that he had been waiting for.  Much to my surprise one of the boxes contained a Statue of Liberty magnet and he gave it to me!

The second Statue of Liberty was discovered by 'elizabeth down the street' and it was presented to me, by her, late yesterday afternoon.  Sweet Liberty!

And so my collection grows.  And not just with the finds that I make, but with the thoughtfulness of friends and family.


dickiebo said...

Blimey, Deb! You've found him!!!
Well done!

"R,," who likes candy, said...

"Sweet," indeed! *munches on M&Ms*

That statue from "elizabeth-down-the-street" is priceless! Always nice to see that creative weirdness is alive and well. And appreciated....