Saturday, November 05, 2011

I Love New Toys


 I mean tools.

Old tools new to me.

Found this gem at the dump!

I'm sure to find some use for it.

Things have been very busy around here.  As I type, I'm waiting for a tech to arrive with a set of piano keys needing work.  Another set is in the works in the shop, more were sent out during the past week.  I finished up a big melodeon rebuild job and that left on Tuesday.
Whitney melodeon from 1857

Then there's this thing on Tuesday night that I have been preparing for...for ages.  I'm giving a presentation on the Manning Organ Company for the Sandy Bay Historical Society.  I hate public speaking and I'm very uncomfortable about giving the talk.  Anyway, it's a PowerPoint slide show, complete with a recording of four pieces of music that Manning wrote.  Many, many thanks to 'R' who took my rough recording of a client playing the music and turned it into a quite acceptable CD.  So, be thinking good thoughts for me on Tuesday night, folks.

Can't wait until THAT's done.


dickiebo said...

We shall hold a vigil for your presentation! But may require a share of the fee received for it!

deb said...

You can have 100%.

It's volunteer.

Bernard said...

I'm sure you will find some use for that press.
Mind you, I acquired one very similar, some twenty years ago and never found a use for it.
It might have been useful for repetitive work but not for one-off's as the set up would take too long.
I got rid of it in my last clear-out!
A Melodeon over here is a hand blown free-reed instrument.
That picture looks like a stringed instrument. A 'clavichord' or 'virginal'?
I expect it is just a different use of the name, or is 'Melodeon' the make?

deb said...

Whitney is the maker. No strings, it's a reed organ on legs. One pedal (right)to pump a single internal bellow, an external reservoir, two sets of reeds. Second pedal(left)is a swell. 4 stops - bass and treble/front and back sets of reeds.

Bernard said...

Wonderful Deb, I see now.
I did a bit of searching and found this on YT.
You may like it, I did.
I have arranged this tune for my organ - 'Music Box Dancer',
here it is on Melodeon.

Bernard said...

Here's another -
Restored? Yes, but not, I noticed by the talented Deb.

deb said...

Thanks. They seem to both be the same instrument.

Oh, lousy restoration, I might add. The keys weren't even leveled and the action (bellows) are extremely noisy.

John0 Juanderlust said...

I find public speaking easier than one on one. Just imagine that you are naked and the audience is blind. Works every time.
I lie.
But I do find speaking to a group a fun thing normally.
That is one fine looking instrument. You do classy work.
I like that press, too.

deb said...

You're hired. The vigil previously mentioned is giving up their fee. You will receive 100% of the volunteer payment.

What? Can't get here in time? Drat. I'll remember your blind audience tip and hope to struggle through without an episode of giggles.

dickiebo said...

Oh, selling out to the highest bidder, eh? No Christmas Card for you, m'dear!

deb said...

Well, it was more like offering a bribe that couldn't work. You're still in for your cut.

dickiebo said...

That's more like it. You know it makes sense! lol.

deb said...

It's done! Yippeeeeeeeee!

Everyone said it was good, that they learned a lot. Some asked questions at the end. I haven't a clue...I couldn't hear myself in the situation (that's the public speaking problem for me)

I did learn, no, no, never again. I HAVE to do enough things that make me uncomfortable so why CHOOSE to do them?

Annette said...

love the piano, I really like those types of legs on it,