Monday, December 19, 2011

Art Is Good Day

So...'R' and I headed on down to the UU Church to pick up the craft stuff that I had set up for their Christmas Sale.  Not my usual venue (that being the PTO sale that I kinda boycotted this year) and I wasn't hopeful for much interest in my hand-painted ivory jewelry or miniatures on easels.  The sale ran for three Saturdays and all I had to do was set up a small table and provide an inventory of my items.  Well....a superb Christmas surprise awaited me this morning.  Yep, stuff sold.  I totaled as much in sales as if I had participated in the PTO sale and spent the day sitting there minding the table!  I'm real happy.  Sign me up for next year!

Another Monday bonus was waiting just for me (not really, could have been for anyone), at the supermarket.  We need a larger bin for hats, scarfs, gloves and mittens now that our household is larger.  I found a slightly overpriced woven bin on the top shelf near the laundry detergents.  So I thought oh well, we need it so I'll pay a bit too much to get it.  We headed through the checkout with the bin as a separate item from the groceries that 'R' was getting.  Lo and behold it rang up as higher priced than the tag said it should be!  Ahemmmm....excuse me 'M', who was cashiering.  'M' called the manager over and guess what?  Store policy - pricing error and you get the item free!

Yay! Yippeeeeeeee!

And finally, a new painting has been added to the collection.
The remains of the Cape Ann Tool Company as seen from Pigeon Cove, Rockport.

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