Monday, December 12, 2011

Cat Lovers in Dogtown - Trip Four

I decided that trip four In should start at the top of Gee Avenue in Gloucester.  This would lead us to Commons Road, the northern main road of Dogtown.  It was an easy, paved...yes, paved!...curve around the Goose Cove reservoir which upon its creation had left part of Commons Road submerged.  We picked up the old Commons Road...unpaved...exactly opposite this spot:
Goose Cove Reservoir

Our first hike was to find Peter's Pulpit.  Supposedly an enormous erratic the size of 20 automobiles.  Yep, it was big, but not very impressive.  I guess I felt that a 'pulpit' would indicate something much more vertical than horizontal.  Oh well.  Slightly disappointed but there were still other things to find.
Peter's Pulpit

We hiked a crossroad called Wharf Road over to the southern side of Dogtown in hopes of finding a couple more of the Babson Boulders. 
Wharf Road (Dogtown's Roads challenge footing!)

Wharf Road is named such, not because of a wharf for boating or fishing, but after the man who lived along the edge, Abram Wharf.  Where Wharf Road meets up with Dogtown Road, there were a couple spots where we could see Granny Day's Swamp.  Sheep and cows often got stuck in the mire of Granny Day's Swamp!
A peek at Granny Day's Swamp

We found two more inscribed boulders:
Keep Out Of Debt

If Work Stops Values Decay

After taking some photos we headed back the way we had come In with only one variation.  We have been deciphering conflicting maps and have discovered one that shows numbered intersections.  This helps a lot and saved us some retracing of footsteps by taking a different fork where Wharf Road meets Commons Road.
Intersection 4 (this one painted on a rock, some are painted on trees)

Our last stop of the trip was to photograph the boulder below, held from rolling down a steep embankment by one struggling tree!
propped on the edge

The Commons Road hike was the longest that we have done.  Not much happening along it and we most likely will not use it for an entrance In again. Upon returning home, I found that we are still missing 4 Babson Boulders in our collection.  Two are at the railroad end of the Babson Trail.  The other two, upon some research, appear to be in the same area as we were on this trip!  Must do some more hunting.  From the Dogtown Road side next time. 'R' is being very tolerant of my desire to explore Dogtown!

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