Monday, June 18, 2012

Just Because It's My Birthday!

This is the Rock's Village Bridge.  It's part of our main route to Skip's. I guess it's about time to fix that wooden road bed.  Yep, macadam over wood.  In recent months the sign has changed from "Only one school bus at time may pass" to "One way traffic" (with a traffic signal at each end of the bridge to alternate the flow.)

Within a reasonable distance, we have three alternate bridges we can use to get to Skip's.  The Groveland/Haverhill bridge is a very rusty span but is open to traffic while they build a new bridge next to it.  The Interstate 95 bridge is open in Newburyport, as is the Route 1 bridge there.  The Hines Bridge in Newburyport has been closed and under repair for several years.

I wonder how long Rock's Village will be closed?


Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Deb!

Bernard said...

Fancy having a bridge 'closed' in your honour!
Most famous people have a bridge 'opened' in their honour.
I'm sure you will get taken somewhere nice on your special day. Have a good one! :)

deb said...

Thanks all, we'll be heading to Ellen's Harborside for a birthday dinner so that I can get fried scallops.

John0 Juanderlust said...

I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday.
Promptness is an over rated virtue. The good thoughts are there. Been meaning to ask if you work on bandolians? It is called something like that. A squeeze box with buttons on both sides. The one in question has beautiful wood on both sides and is in rather good shape overall. Just a couple of buttons need some work, whatever that involves. You'd be charging standard rate. If it is your thing I will recommend you to the instrument's owner.

deb said...

Thanks, John.

I know what you mean. I've never worked on one. There is/was a very large, family run accordion business in Clearwater, FL. Nice folks. I'll find out if they are still there. It'd be more up their alley. My Clearwater friend is away until Monday, I'll phone him then.