Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tentative Decision

Behind door number one or number two?

No really...I'm thinking on trying to post more often by sticking to shorter posts.  Like a paragraph or two each week.  I'll see how it goes.

The photo above was taken at Salisbury Beach.  The beach itself is beautiful white sand.  Unfortunately, the surrounds aren't even as pathetic as they used to be!  Years upon years ago, my friends and I used to frequent the amusement park at Salisbury Beach.  It was small but still some good summer fun.  Thinking back on it I'm surprised there weren't more accidents from mechanical failures.  I can only remember hearing of one bad one with the Ferris wheel.  I did used to ride that a lot.  That and the Himalaya. When I was much younger, there was the Frolics at Salisbury Beach. 
A 1930 - 1940 period postcard view of the Frolics

It was an Art-Deco styled nightclub that drew some top performers such as Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darren, and Liberace.  My folks would go once in a while and sometimes would take me along (I saw the above listed).  It's where I had my first 'drink', a Shirley Temple!

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