Saturday, June 09, 2012

Three More Things...

since the first post today.

First it was Bart the Bunny.  He was over a month ago.  Several weeks ago, as I looked out the kitchen window while enjoying that first bit of morning coffee, I spied more wildlife in the driveway.
Mr. Turtle bewildered on the pavement, no water in sight!

We were very concerned that Mr. Turtle's fate would be being run over by a car.  It was going to be a very long trek for him to get himself back to water.  So...
Oh no!  Mr. Turtle doesn't like captivity!

I will say he wasn't happy about being in that box.  I had put on some heavy garden gloves and approached him from behind to lift him in the box.  Once boxed, R and I carried him down the road to Loop Pond.  Mr. Turtle managed to provide a half inch of liquid in the bottom of the box during the short walk!  Once he got within detecting nearby water he was anxious to dive right in.
He ran for the water and before my camera could cycle for another shot he had dove in!

So second,
A local piano tech has pretty much retired and he decided that he should liquidate some of his stock.  R and I headed to his house last week to take a look.  Now, it's not like I really needed all this stuff, but sometimes I just can't resist the idea that there might be a hidden treasure.
There are lots of goodies including a lifetime supply of damper felt, a set of Steinway B hammers, several sets of wooden caster cups, and a Spurlock hammer hanging jig.

And there was.  So it was a good purchase and there may be the offer of more at a future date.

And finally on Friday I found myself helping R reinstall two valve units in a pipe organ.  Fortunately(?) I can manage to squeeze into even tighter places than he can!
Thanks, R, for the picture taking of the top third
And the middle third

There is still more work to do before the job is complete...including more squishy work.


Elizabeth down the street said...

So glad somebody blogged! [ahem....]. ;-)

deb said...

And saidhereunnamed person has so much material. 'Tis a shame!