Friday, July 06, 2012

A Few from the Fourth

And then it'll be on to a new topic in future posts.
The Pink Elephant waits in line
And the parade starts!
Rockport conducts a combo of the school and Legion bands with a plunger
Doc walking along side the new Thacher Island boat.  Yes, he is our town doctor.  Yes, he normally looks just like that.
Yay for the Statue of Liberty(ies)!
The parade is followed by a band concert in front of the American Legion Post.
Private fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts (uh huh).
After the concert there is a bonfire near the bandstand and just above Back Beach.  Here the firemen keep Beach Street from melting.
Frosty atop the York's barn in remembrance of the best bonfire in recent history.  (I might have blogged about that.  I'll check and update, if so.)
Of course there were many more floats and bands, including two bagpipe bands.  I'm hoping the R will post some of his July 4th pictures, too.

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