Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Saturday Stuff

I've been trying to take most weekends off - no work allowed.  Mostly.  I have cheated and gotten moving earlier in the day to get some work done so that I have had the rest of the day free.  Yesterday, late morning, R wanted to go back to the White Elephant 'reject' shop in Essex.  We had been there the Saturday before and he thought he might have missed picking up a record.  Yes, as in LP, vinyl, 33.3.  The reject shop is the stuff that's too beat up or whatever for the White Elephant Antique Shop just down the road a mile.

I browsed with my camera.

The Saturday before, mentioned in the previous paragraph, was devoted to the Mega Cruise Car Show at Skip's.  We drove up for lunch and to wait for the show gates to open to the cars at 2 p.m.  And there were LOTS of cars.  Hundreds. They were lining up all along Rte. 110 in Merrimac...beyond as far as the eye could see.  We stood in the 90°+ heat and watched the majority file in two by two.  Then we walked around out in the field where they were parked, stopping to shoot pictures of some favorites.  Since I don't have much use for a bunch of photos of cars, I tend to go for the artsy approach or look for other interesting (to me) stuff. 

Not that I have use for those shots, either. 

Oh well.

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