Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weekend Work

So...I wanted to take the weekend off.

So...4 sets of keys arrived on Friday.

Of course they did!

Saturday I worked on keys after A and I went for a morning walk in town.  We are trying to walk together at least once each week.  The other days she uses her treadmill and I...well...I don't.  I work and work and work.  I just can't get caught up with everything.

Today was Try To Catch Up Day.  Did the third of three loads of laundry this weekend, with R's help I put the AC unit in the window, I sorted and reorganized and cleaned the workshop, and yes, I worked on keys.  I've finished two of the four sets and I'm well on the way to completion of set three.  Set four has been started but will still take some time to finish.

Still to do today...stop to think.  Which reminds me...yesterday, on our walk, we stopped at a shop on Bearskin Neck.  It has a very limited inventory relating to the Babson Boulders.  I bought a T-shirt with a drawing of a boulder that says "Use Your Head".  Anyway, after I finish writing this I'll jump in the shower.  Cleaning the workshop gets a person rather grimy.  Then there will be dinner to prepare...a cold macaroni salad that R likes...and maybe a short walk.  A gets out of work at 8 tonight, then I'll come home and collapse.

In case you have been waiting to find out what the picture has to do with the post, you can stop wondering.


annettesblog said...

God, you work hard deb.
Have a rest before you collapse!

deb said...

I've taken Independence Day off (4th of July).