Thursday, December 06, 2012

It Feels Like Winter

At the beach a few cold winters ago.

Dickiebo sent this along to me:

This is amazing, if you have not seen it before just type in your address or any
family addresses and look through the window at the snow falling on your home
today. It's amazing!!!!
Click below to get something for Christmas you won't get anywhere else this summer.
 Yes, it works.  Amazing to see my first Florida snowfall!


Bernard said...

He sent it to me as well.
I wonder if it works across countries? We have real snow here right now - but suppose I had a friends address in,say, Australia - Would they show snow at 30 degrees plus?
It's so hot in Oz at the moment that my blogger friend Helsie's air conditioning has broken down!
Keep warm....B.

deb said...

Yep, I'm believing they would show it snowing. It's nice and toasty down in Florida right now and it showed it snowing. sure feels like it could snow!