Sunday, December 30, 2012


This year I have decided to make a New Year's Resolution.  This is not something I normally impose upon myself.  I figure that starting a new year and actually making it to the end of that year relatively intact is enough to hope for, never mind trying to set a specific goal for the year.  So, this new year shall start with a clean staircase.  Yep, I will try to keep it that way all year.  No using between the rungs as a convenient filing system.  Everything will find a place to belong without cluttering up the staircase.  It will look a lot nicer and it will force me to keep only what really needs keeping.  In the past (and I have no photo evidence - too ugly and embarrassing), coupons, keys, an odd photo or two, a saved newspaper clipping, gloves in winter, reminders for renewals, papers to hang on to to give to someone else who might be interested in what ever the subject happened to be, business cards and more......accumulated between the rungs.  NO MORE!  I have a desk upstairs (although it mostly is storage for things that have no place to be stored rather than a desk where I sit).  I have file cabinets in the workshop.  I have a filing box near my computer.  I have a mail holder thingie (with key hooks) on the workshop door that is home to my calendar and bills to be paid.  The calendar even has a storage pocket for each month where I keep stamps...and small stuff.  I have bookcases and, in the workshop, storage shelves.  And the best thing yet...I have a trash receptacle nearby!


Bernard said...

Well good luck with that Deb.
Mind you, stairs aren't stairs without a couple of cats curled up. I have the 'phone on my stairs - and of course the 'phone book - and then my address book also joins it - and so on and so on. If I put all these things out of sight - I'd never find them!
Happy New Year - Bernard & Wes

deb said...

HNY! Of course you will beat me to it by several hours.

Tucker grew up in a house with no stairs and at 10 years old it took him a long time to learn how to go up and down. I don't think he ever was comfortable with them.

Then again, a couple kitties might just keep the stairs clean...great fun knocking stuff off the edge, you know.