Saturday, December 15, 2012


It only took ten years to make it happen...
The linden tree as the removal service began work early Friday morning
Friday A and I had the linden tree cut down. It was a beautiful tree in many ways.  A tremendous annoyance in every other.
Waaayyyyyyy up there with a chain saw
Back when we moved here and built our house attached to my parent's house my mom would not allow the tree to be cut down.  "It's beautiful."  "The house will look so bare at that end."  "Just trim it some."
This guy really knew his stuff
Well, all that may be so, but A and I got real tired of the bugs that, along with my mother, loved the linden tree.  Spiders, bees, winter moths and ants.  The spiders and ants particularly bothered me.  For many months my truck, which was parked beneath the tree, would be covered, inside and out, with spiders and ants.  Mostly the spiders gave me problems as they bite.  Nothing like driving down Nugent Stretch, at night, trying to squish spiders on the inside of the windshield as I drove.  They came inside the house, too.  I think the ants taught them how to do that.  The bees arrived when the tree was in bloom.  They would buzz all around, high on each branch...and then crawl around on my truck trying to lap up the sweet sap that would drip down.  Oh yeah...that sap was a real hassle, too.  For a month or two the truck would look sugar coated.  A hates the winter moths.  Don't ask me why, but at age 30 she is deathly afraid of moths.  It was hard getting home from work after dark and seeing thousands of the white-winged things crawling up the trunk of the tree...and then have to get out of the truck parked right there next to 'em.
Less and less tree
Ten years of whining and complaining to my mom combined with her forgetting that she had said not to cut it down...
Chain saw man back on solid footing
Now its gone and along with it all those pesky problems.  I'm sure we will miss the green of it and the shade of it near the house next summer.  We will love, however, the opportunity to have a better, maybe bigger, vegetable garden.
Me and the stump (Thanks, R, for the photo)
Gone except for the stump.  The tree service's stump grinding machine is in the shop for repairs so they will be back in the next week or so to erase the last reminder of the linden tree.

(I missed some of the action - the main trunk being felled and slamming to the ground.  I had to be at a tuning job.  I got home in time to see it in its fallen position, though, before being sliced up, loaded, and hauled away.)


Mary said...

I would write a comment about this entry but I am too busy trying to deal with the creepy crawly reaction I am having!

Sticky sap - yikes - I can't stand "sticky".

Just thinking about trying to dodge the moths gives me the heebie jeebies.

Ants and spiders everywhere - I am itching all over.

As I said, I'd write a comment but too busy trying to calm down. :-)

deb said...

Yep, that's about right.

Bernard said...

That could be the very first (and last!) Linden Tree I have ever seen. Nearly all the roads in Bournville were named (by Cadburys) after trees. I was born in Linden Road but never got round to finding a Linden tree. Later we moved to Mulberry Rd., and never saw one of those either - until I decided to grow my own. I now have two Mulberries in the back yard.
Being a lover of real wood, I must say that it looks good stuff to me. I'm sure it would carve well? Did you not keep any? (not even for your wood-burning stove?) Over in this 'neck-of-woods' people are planting trees 'like there's no tomorrow'. They think it will soak up the CO2 and 'save' the planet!

deb said...

Linden is also known as basswood. Very soft, very light in color. Probably should have kept some for carving, but...I don't carve anything!