Saturday, January 31, 2015

So Facebook Isn't Your Thing

That's okay, I understand.  I tend to do more quick posting with Facebook and many of my photos end up over there.  Over if it is truly a place.  Anyway, I thought some of you might like to see what has caused me physical agony over the past few days.
We had a blizzard last Tuesday.  Approximately 30 inches of snow, wind gusts to 65 mph.  I've been shoveling and shoveling and digging and digging.  We had another couple inches last night and on Monday we are supposed to get another load of the white stuff.  Probably somewhere over another foot of it.
The view as I headed for morning coffee.

Read my lips....t.i.m.e.t.o.m.o.v.e.s.o.u.t.h.  We used to talk about putting a space heater on the bow of our boat and heading south, not stopping until someone asked, "What's that thing on the bow?"  Well, we did eventually move to Florida and.....
I loved it
Someday.....In the meanwhile here are some photos of the snowy northeast.
The back fence and the back of my truck got rather drifted in.
Pretty curl of snow off the truck and fence.  Should be little snow surfers!
Back drive almost dug out.
The snow pile from plowing (near the end of our back drive).
Back garden path shoveled to the deck and bulkhead (workshop) and most importantly to the oil fill.
Fun with sun?  I found the bulkhead under a four foot drift.
Some people in town had more energy left than me and built a snow shark.
And now..may Monday's forecast change to sunshine and warm temps!

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Bernard said...

Thanks for showing us what I could only imagine. Our weather forecasters usually start off showing us a wide view covering the whole Atlantic. It showed the deep depression over your side bringing winds and snow. We only get to see pictures of New York, so your pictures were particularly interesting.
The low pressure area did reach us eventually, but dumped all the snow up north. I never even saw a snowflake. Mind you the wind was B cold. Can't get out to my workshop so I spend most days in the Winter arranging and punching music. I'm working my way slowly through Gilbert & Sullivan at the moment.
Cheers B