Saturday, February 14, 2015

Back When

Our new normal?  Under all that is a wishing fountain and part of a store.
It was a bit make that a lot easier...on the nerves to not know when a major event was about to happen.  Sure, nowadays it is safer to be prepared.  But this next storm thing is spooky.  We've got CNN and at least three other networks in town because "we are supposed to be one of the worst hit areas".  I don't want the notoriety, thank you.  I don't want to go to bed wondering what things will look like tomorrow morning.  I know all will eventually be fine and get back to normal, but in the meanwhile we have a No Drive/No Park order from 5 a.m. tomorrow morning until 5 p.m. Monday night.  This is mostly so that they can plow and do the massive clean up without having to work around nosy people.  A $250 fine, I hear, if you decide that you are too special to have to abide by the rules.

Maybe I could just go to bed tonight and sleep until, oh, Monday noontime?

A major thank you to our DPW, the National Guard, and everyone else who will HAVE to be out in it.

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