Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Bite of Snow

All that's left to be seen of the porch railing.

Well, that was a very strange storm.  After all the hype, it was sort of a fizzle.  We did get about 15 inches, and the winds picked up today.  It's gusting so violently tonight that the snow is swirling hard enough to sound like animals scratching to get in the house.  We've also experienced a strange phenomenon.  We have so much condensation forming at the end of the duct work for the bathroom vent that it is leaking in to my kitchen ceiling.  That's a first!  I think all shall be fine once the temperature moderates a bit and/or the wind calms.
Snow carried by the wind.
Today's pictures were taken at sunset from my mom's den window.  Mother Nature being weird.


Bernard said...

It sounds as if you have a bad case of Snowy Morning Blues?

deb said...

Hah! One of my favorites...truly.