Sunday, November 27, 2016

And She Found It

Going back to Thanksgiving Eve...

Since I knew I'd be doing most of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, I opted for a pizza night.  Amanda was working late so it would just be R, Mom, and me.

Mom always orders two slices of cheese pizza, R and I decided to split a large pizza - half pepperoni, half cheese. 

I'll preface the following tale with the fact that I hate pepperoni.

I went to pick up our order.  Mom's two slices were in there own package within a bag.  I took that to her first.  Handed it to her saying, "Mom, here are your two slices."

Ray brought the large pizza box in to Mom's kitchen for the two of us to easily grab our slices and eat dinner with Mom.

Ray and I each ate a couple slices - I noticed that there was one just cheese slice left for me in the box.

Mom finished her first slice and then TOOK MY LAST SLICE from the box.

"Mom!  That's my last slice!  Your slices were separate."

"No, I've only had one slice."

"I'm not saying you had more than one slice.  Where is the other piece from your package?  Remember, your two slices were packaged separately!"

"I haven't eaten two slices.  This is my second slice."

"Then where is the second slice from your package?"

"I don't know what you're talking about.  This is my second slice."

"No, that's my last slice, out of the box that R and I are splitting."

"Well, I've only had one and I wanted two."


Forward to Saturday morning.

Mom says, "What's this in my microwave?"

I go to see what she's talking about.
She pulls out a slice of pizza.

"That's the second piece.  The one you should have eaten instead of taking mine."

"Oh well, sorry, jeez......"


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