Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Promise?

To write something here over the weekend.  I might even share a picture or two.  Stay tuned. 

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Bernard said...

"The job that never gets started, takes the longest to finish." as my old gaffer used to say.
Said Sam in Lord of the Rings.
I've been thinking about 'firing up' a blog again.
Mind you - only thinking.
I'm currently building a 'Reed Organ'. A portable version using recovered reeds from old accordions. Probably driven by MIDI controlled pallet magnets. Last year I built a 'MIDI adaptor' for the 26 note paper roll organ. This adaptor just sits on the tracker bar and sends puffs of air to the valves. I can just lift it off and revert to paper rolls easily. No changes to the organ. I really enjoy working with MIDI music. I can hear my arrangement play before I punch it.
Regards Bernard