Saturday, February 10, 2007

Don't Get Your Hopes Up.......

it'll pass.

Should be my new motto.

So things were picking up, evening out.

Until....early this morning.

I got woken up by my dad at 4:45 am. My mom was sick. Oh just great. I went over to their place (through the door). She had been up and down since 1 am. with a stomach virus. Lovely. She thought she was going to die. Couldn't convince her that this is making the rounds. To sip a little water, relax, it will go away, but it will be miserable and take a day or so. She can't do this and wants the ambulance. So, I told her to relax for just a bit and be sure that's what she wanted to do. Yep. 6 a.m. I'm on the phone. I refused to dial 911 as it was not an emergency. I called the police station and explained. They sent an officer and the ambulance, thankfully no sirens at that hour! By 7 a.m. mom is at the ER and I was there too (I drove my truck). I left Amanda to deliver some of the papers (supposed to be done by 9 on Saturdays) and my dad resting in his recliner.

Spent an hour and a half with mom until they got her calmed down (I won't get into her behavior issues). Went home and "driving" delivered the rest of the papers, grabbed a quick shower, checked on dad, and grabbed a muffin to eat on the way back to the ER. Stayed for about a half hour and then they said that she could go home shortly. Drove back home to get her some clothes and her coat, back to the ER, wait and wait, and finally headed home.

Quick lunch, trip to the library for Amanda, worked on the key jobs. Took Amanda to work early as I had to be home for the people delivering the melodeon for an estimate. Got home with 15 minutes to spare. Looked the job over, they agreed to the price, so now I've got another sizable job. Then a trip to the drugstore and the market for mom. Went back to key work, threw a load of laundry in (I was out of clean socks), cooked dinner for dad and me. And on and on, checking and waiting on mom, too, of course. Picked Amanda up from work and now I'm in for the evening.....I hope.

Can I scream yet? I'm exhausted.


JAH said...

You didn't even have to type that all in CAPS. I heard you screaming all they way up here in York. Vivi was asking, "What is that sound?"

Now I know it was you.

(ha ha)

Hang in there, kiddo. We all have days like this. You know I know what you are going through.

deb said...

Very funny! Drat that now I feel like I may be getting sick...scratchy throat. I have no time for it. Loaded up with vitamins and good veggies. I'll read and watch tv in bed until I crash. Hopefully no surprises tonight.

deb said...

Surprise - an update. Power went off at 5 a.m. or so. Dad's O2 machine, of course started beeping so mom woke me up. She thought I could call the electric co. and get prompter service since he uses O2. Doesn't happen that way. Told them to go back to bed. He doesn't *have* to have the O2 while inactive (better but not necessary). Power back on at 6:30ish. Piles of work to catch up on and laundry for mom. I'm more than exhausted.