Saturday, February 03, 2007

Second Post of the Day (so scroll)

Just thought I'd summarize how much (or little) I accomplished today by staying home. Here's the things I did list.

  1. Printed out 22 packets of WHOA-KTD information. As part of my job as Assistant Director of Communications, I've been sending a five page informational packet to each state's PTA 4 - 6 weeks before their respective state conventions.
  2. Ran into Stop & Shop, when I dropped Amanda off, to buy a roast for dad's birthday, wrapping paper for his gift, 9 X 12 mailing envelopes for #1 above, a looseleaf binder, and page protectors for the binder. Dad's birthday is Monday but we will be celebrating it tomorrow night.
  3. Played online (I have to take a break sometimes!).
  4. Started a reed organ "registry" (with the looseleaf binder and page protectors). I collected all the digital photos and the 35 mm photos of all the reed organ jobs that I have done. When I had a pic of the finished job, I either printed a page with the pic and an added identifying label, or scanned the photo and produced the same. Now they are all together in an organized manner and hopefully I can remember to continue adding photos as the jobs are contracted.
  5. Found dad's 2005 1040A for him.
  6. Got Amanda to sign 1 out of 4 of the newspaper contracts. Each contract is about 7 pages long and a signature and date required on each page. What a pain!
  7. Helped mom change the linens.
  8. Took out the garbage.
  9. Ate a yogurt for dinner before heading out to pick Amanda up at work.
  10. Sent an email verifying another keytop job arriving next week (that makes two more that I know of).
And what I didn't get done (and more) and will have to work on tomorrow.....
  1. Finish the Needham key job.
  2. Play, play, play the daylights out of the Bridgeport organ.
  3. Work on my income taxes.
  4. Finish addressing all the PTA packets.
  5. Cook a birthday dinner.
  6. Drive Amanda to work for 11 a.m. I'm not happy about this as I will have to miss church.
  7. Pay bills
  8. General household clean up.
  9. Shop clean up.
  10. Replace the ink cartridges in my printer - really LOL.
And anything else that sneaks in there.


vimala said...

hi, deb - a few things. Just wanted you to know how much i have appreciated your comments on my "" blog. As far as i can tell, you are the only person that I don't know who reads it. I have been comforted by your assurances that of course it hurts now, but it will get better.

Turns out that I have to shut it down immediately, or restrict access. I would like you to be able to continue to read it (if you like.) May I put your e-mail address on the list of people invited to read my blog?

deb said...

Hi, I couldn't access your blog to contact've obviously taken care of the private bit! I understand completely. I'm not sure what info blogspot needs for approved readers. I purposefully don't have an email contact listed here due to the possibility of my ex finding this blog. I'd like to continue reading your blog, but I need to figure out a way to get the address to you. If you want, send another comment with your email address for me to respond to. Also let me know if you need the gmail address or if any account will work. If and when you send the comment, I will not post it to my blog (I have to approve all comments before they get posted), therefore your email address will not be made public.

deb said...

vimala, can you list this blogspot address rather than an email address?