Friday, February 02, 2007

A Week Near Completion

Well, these photos sort of sum some of it up. First off, the photos were taken 26 years ago on the island of St. John's, USVI. So, as indicated, my folks have their place, I have mine (with my daughter, now, of course). Mom and I went to see the lawyer, today. I was a bit sabotaged ahead of time by my mom, who all of a sudden started talking about if *she* should want to sell the house to go to a retirement living situation. And where would this leave me? My investment? My home? Didn't seem to matter. Oh boy, what a feeling. So I went to my house and stewed a bit and then tried to calm myself. Fingers crossed (and toes, too) and off we went to Gloucester. Thankfully all is okay. Legally, as it is presently written, the house is mine with the provision that my folks can live here until they die. This is fine with me. This is what I wanted. Additionally, it protects all investment in the property from any possible medical liens from their care. Current law requires 5 years since a deed (or other property) transfer. However, when we wrote the change into the deed and put my name on it, the law was 3 years. That was 4.5 years ago. We are "grandfathered". Phew.

A side occurrence of the trip to the lawyer is a long overdue act. I'm having my will done.

Mom's neck is bad again. This complicates my life considerably. I'm back to being official driver, carrier, shoveler (snow tonight), and general doer. And I'm just too tired. I'm a member of a group of others in the similar situation of care giving for parents. That helps some but I still get very frustrated and overwhelmed.

Sometimes I feel like I am going from one mess to another. My marriage to RC was a nightmare after the first year. Once he didn't need me to support him, he turned on me. I will never know why, but even though a tough go, divorcing him was one of the best (and lifesaving) decisions I've made. Then to be stalked (by him), to move life and business 1500 miles away, to start again. To be followed and harassed (by him) online. Then, as things are looking up, as I have met new friends, my business is doing well, I enjoy volunteering with WHOA , I keep in touch with old friends, I get to do *a little* traveling, then there are the family responsibilities that are bringing all to a slowdown.

Well, even this will even out I suppose. I just can't take on much more of the double household bit.

And now tomorrow....big job. A possible's going to snow tonight and the road and drive that I will have to use for the job will be a problem if not clear. I'm going to do a drive by in the morning to check it out. The customer will be coming from out of town to his "second home" and if things look precarious I'll call and postpone. This is a job that I am anxious to get over with though. I've never done this type of repair alone and keeping the procedure in my mind is a pain. Not rote yet. I like the big things to be rote when I have to do them in front of a customer.

I'll let you know what happens.

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