Sunday, February 18, 2007


For those who are not familiar with my territory! Here's Rockport from a seagull view. You will note that there have been two new links added to the sidebar of my blog. The first new one is to the Kids and Teen Division of WHOA. We are actively requesting that web sites that kids, their parents, or their teachers visit, provide a link to the outstanding services offered by WHOA-KTD. That is one of my ongoing projects as Assistant Director of Communications. The second new link, and the reason for the postcard view of Rockport, is a link to the Sandy Bay Webcam. As winter turns into spring and then summer, check out the web cam to see the changes in Rockport Harbor! There is one camera at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club (pretty much dead center in the photo) facing east overlooking the main harbor and to sea. Another is mounted at a house on the right edge of the harbor and shows the yacht club and Motif No.1 (and part of the harbor from that angle).

And another week begins.......................

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