Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picture Puzzle

Got an email today in my blog emailbox. It reminded me of something from a couple years back. Here's a picture.Do you know what it is? Totally correct answer wins.........
my admiration.


dickiebo said...

It's either a bird's-eye view of the innards of one of those 'automatic' pianny's, or a Gents Urinal. (It's me eyes!!!)

deb said...


I did reject a comment that came from a 'lottery site' (garbage) that said 'it enables us to express our thoughts and feelings'.


You are correct...with which answer?

dickiebo said...

Woo-hoo! Yea, yea, yea!
C'mon, Mary, Help me out now. Heads or tails?

mary said...

Well, actually, I was going with the idea that it was from a liquid refreshment company and it was a machine for putting the tops on the cans. ;-)
Oh well -

Dickiebo, since I haven't frequented the men's room recently, I'd vote for your first choice.

Now Deb, do how do you package his prize of admiration?

deb said...


Mary gets the prize for creative thinking! Love it and I can see it.

Dickiebo, looks a bit painful for the urinal theory.

Admiration is delivered on an easterly wind................