Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back to Normal?

Cold and more cold. I was up at 6:30 this morning to finish shoveling the snow left over from yesterday's storm that went in to the night. The snow had really drifted in and, once again, the town decided not to plow the back right of way that one last time. After shoveling last night around 8 p.m. there wasn't a lot to move about this morning. I'm running out of room for it all and the piles at the edges of the driveways are getting too high for me to throw more shovel fulls. Anyway, I got it all cleared in time to grab a quick cup of coffee, eat breakfast, and then get 'A' to the oral surgeon for suture removal. Thankfully that went without too much consternation.

As reward we went to Target afterward.

We got back home just minutes after another set of keys had been delivered. Yay, more work! I grabbed a quick lunch and then got to work. In between things I painted a few more necklaces. Okay, actually one necklace, one brooch, and a pair of pansies on ivory earrings. Yes, I'm trying adding some other ivory jewelry to the inventory.

At three, 'A' was off to her first day back at work. I stopped by the library to pick up some tax forms before heading back home. It really bugs me that the government (federal and state) expect you to file and pay in a timely manner - or else, yet they can't seem to get the forms to us. I got both my fed and state forms but I'm missing my health insurance confirmation documents from the state. 'A' got her state forms but not her federal. My mom got none. I don't get why this happened.

Tomorrow brings a tuning job and late today I booked another for the start of next week. I'll be delivering the organ repair estimate tomorrow, too.

I got a letter from the DTA (Dept. of Transitional Assistance) last week saying that they will call me within 5 days. It's been 8 and nothing. The letter also says that if I don't hear from them to call them. Long distance, of course. I think I'll save that for Friday.

Friday night I may take myself out to 'A Night at the Museum' at the Rockport Art Association. I might as well get some use of my membership (although this event is open to the general public). It'll be a see and be seen mission! After all, I'm not only a contributing member of the RAA, I'm their 'official piano technician'. The event features art owned by the association.

So, things seemed to have gained a bit of momentum. I like this.


elizabeth down the street said...

I think I found that they don't send health insurance confirmation for those on medicare...

deb said...

I think you're right. Last year I didn't get one for my mom. But still...she should get her actual 1040's etc. Same with 'A's 1040.