Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'd Be Getting Nervous

Heck, I would have been nervous months ago.

Today was my big day off and out. This morning I went to church, which is always a wonderful respite. Then I went home and had a relaxing lunch. Just as the rain began to fall, around 1:30, I headed for the second meeting of the Music Book Group. Today's book discussion centered around Piano Lessons, by Noah Adams. This month the group was smaller than last month, some of the same folks and a few new ones. Pleasant and I'm actually going to miss attending when I go back to work at my seasonal candy selling job.

When I got back home there was a message on my machine from a tech. Mr. G. left a very long and convoluted message. The gist of it being that he was trying to get in touch with a man in Maine who does ivory keyboard work. He had been trying to reach him and getting no response. He wondered if I knew him or anything about him. SIX MONTHS AGO he had sent him two keyboards for ivory work and hasn't heard a thing!


I have yet to return the phone call. I wanted to have some helpful info before I called back. What harm will a few more hours be when it's been over six months? So this evening I did some research. The guy in Maine seems to be alive. He gave a presentation to his local Rotary Club this past December and there is no mention of his death in the Rotary newsletter. He does occasionally visit Florida (he attended a 'makeup' Rotary meeting there). Maybe he's there right now. He lists his profession as 'Antiques' yet neither his address nor a business name show up in the directory of antique businesses in his town. His name is not in the online obituaries. I noted the Rotary Club's president's name and phone number and I'll give this info to the Mr. G. technician when I call him.

Yep, I'd be real nervous by six months.

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