Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras. We used to celebrate in Dunedin. It was a blast to make a total fool of oneself at the Mardi Gras parade. The parade consisted of folks dressed up in costume, most of them riding on floats that advertised local businesses. A mini Nawlins with none of the blatant exhibitionism. The big deal was screaming and begging for tacky, worthless, gaudy, beaded necklaces which had no other appeal than a feeling of exuberance at having amassed an enormous collection. My mom and dad, 'A' and I, and sometimes 'the other''S', a friend of my mom, would be there at the top of my parent's street. Front row for the parade. (In later years 'A' took off to the parade with a friend) We had a system. We'd all plead with the paraders for necklaces. Whenever my dad got any, he would give them to one of us. It quickly appeared that he had none while the folks (us) next to him had plenty. This seemed to cause the young ladies on the floats to feel sorry for him. They'd toss more his way. He'd hand them over to us girls and be back at the begging routine in no time. We'd end the evening with hundreds of beaded necklaces, all tangled together, around our necks! Except my dad, of course!

I wish I were there tonight.


Annette said...

Sounds like you had a great time,and a lot of fun.

deb said...

It was a fabulous place to live.